Business Meetings:

Technology Conferences Offer Solution Providers One-on-One Access to CIOs

CIO Summits create distinctive opportunities for organizations to forge new business partnerships by promoting and creating open dialogue between sponsor and end-user in an intimate business setting. Each sponsor will receive a customized itinerary outlining a series of pre-arranged business meetings with up to 16 key IT decision-makers down at the event. You will have 30 minutes to meet with each of these CIOs one-on-one to discuss the different options and technology solutions your organization can offer. Each VIP delegate will fill out an extensive survey outlining the areas of their IT department where they are looking to improve, or looking for direction. The CIO participants also outline specific topics they'd like to speak on, in addition to areas they're looking for advice, or have had great success or failures in. Our technology conference staff then takes the information the CIOs have outlined and creates personalized itineraries for each delegate to ensure they get maximum value out of the CIO summit.

business meetings

Within this itinerary creation process, each sponsor has the opportunity to identify which CIOs they are looking to meet with. Our technology conference staff pairs up the CIO interests with the sponsor requests thereby generating a series of productive, thought-provoking meetings between all participants at the event.

In addition to the pre-arranged one-on-one meetings, there will be ample time for focused networking throughout the summit from intimate dinner meetings to break out sessions between workshops and keynote discussions. Our CIO summits are most well-known for facilitating connections between IT executive decision-makers and technology solution providers to create powerful resolutions to problems facing the industry.

"The meetings have been great; it's always nice to have a series of good conversations with different CIOs so you are able to quickly pick up on different themes going on in the industry and what's really on their minds. It's been positive because I think it's very focused on healthcare service providers which lets us zero in on a target market of a customer segment of a series of pain points they want to solve. It really helps us iterate our thinking around a different business problem."

Director Product Marketing, Sybase

"We've had really good meetings with the CIOs, we've had the opportunity to ask questions and get a better understanding of how they're looking at some of the "data tsunami", as we call it, that's coming across the medical imaging, and talking about different ways of handling that data. It's brought some clarity to them too as to how decisions are being made and help them get more involved in that process going forward."

Sales Director, Vital Images

"We've had a series of meetings that have been extremely helpful in meeting with some of the key people that we wanted to reach out to before we came here. The meetings have helped to establish good rapport, discuss some of the challenges the IT leaders face and what we can do to help them. So we're very optimistic of following-up after the event and to come back and have discussions with the CIOs and their teams."

VP Desktop Virtualization, Citrix