CIO Thought Leaders Looking for Technology Solution Provider Insight

CIO Summits are invite-only exclusive events designed by the IT end-user for the end-user. Each delegate is selected based on their experience in the industry, and insight he or she can offer into the defined topics of the summit. There are no misconceptions when our CIOs sign up to attend these exclusive technology summits, they are looking for solutions that they trust us to bring in technology solution providers to define. No CIO will have more than eight meetings throughout the course of the summit, however most will have closer to six. Unlike the CIO summits where you reach your one-on-one meeting with an IT executive who's had 20 meetings in two days, our technology events are focused on providing several quality meetings for both our sponsors and our VIP delegates.

When creating the agenda for each information technology summit, our CIO community is the body of people who outline the topics for discussion amongst themselves, analyst and association thought leaders and invited technology solution providers. All CIOs that attend the event are looking for thought provoking discussions between themselves and specific technology service providers that can offer innovative ideas for the issues plaguing them. Offer your suggestions and business solutions to an audience thirsting for knowledge on your products!

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