Summit Partners

Technology Conference Partners Offer Insight and Recommendations on New Industry Solutions

CIO Summits offer a unique opportunity for our analyst thought leader partners to discuss some of the latest research they've conducted in the industry, leaving much up for discussion to our sponsors and CIO attendees. From Gartner to Aberdeen to Forrester, each analyst partner that has attended one of our technology conferences has created new relationships with various attendees, thus forming another connection within the given vertical.

In addition to attracting analyst thought leaders, our CIO Summits bring in association partners that can offer incredible insight into the latest issues faced by many of their members, who are often represented by our VIP delegates. We also round off our list of partners with content partners provided by relevant media outlets in the given vertical industry that the summit is focused in. Often our sponsors are able to form new relationships with these media outlets by participating in on-camera interviews and other forms of promotion down at the summits.

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