CIO Summits provide valuable take-aways for all parties involved at the events. From our association partners, to VIP CIO delegates, to previous sponsors, each attendee is afforded access to a unique environment that spurs business technology innovation and CIO involvement in panel discussions and case study presentations. Find out why our technology conference sponsors continue to return for multiple summits year after year, watch the videos below.

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Senior Director, Healthcare Business Development "Here are the results:

- 17 opportunities with acquisition rate of over 100% and acquisition cost of $XXXX per opportunity
- 10 health care systems have annual revenue over $1B; all attendees in our target markets
- 2 of the 17 opportunities are near term. Harvard University Health (replace existing network) and Monmouth Medical Center (new wireless network)
- We did in 2 days what would have taken 6 months if we could get the appts! Saving time and reducing acquisition costs by at least $5000 per opportunity
- These meetings were with the decision maker (CXO) as opposed to Director level (greatly reducing the number of meetings and strategic selling vs. product selling)
- 7 health care systems would like to bring their executive team to the Center of Connected Medicine

We will follow up on all the opportunities and engage the local sales team as well as enter the opportunities in Sales Force. In summary this is the most effective and efficient method Jeff and I have experienced to create health care opportunities."

Senior Director, Healthcare Business Development
Nicole Brouillard "I found the summit interesting in the level of attendees - consistently the level was at a senior level. This is rare and very appreciated. The location was excellent - easy to get to and very comfortable and the logistics were well coordinated"

Nicole Brouillard
SVP & CIO, Chubb Insurance Canada & Latin America
Principle, Insurance Practice "The overall experience of so much face time with the CIO was extremely valuable. It was great to gain an understanding of their issues, concerns and accomplishments."

Principle, Insurance Practice
Donald MacFarland "I thought the CIO Insurance Summit was the best industry event that I have ever been to. It was focused and the CDM team kept things moving. There were decision makers there and they were open to discussions about what the vendor can do for them.

We got real sales opportunities from the summit. We were looking to take a step up and get the Castlebay name in front of more CIOs in the industry. Not only were we successful in this brand recognition but we actually generated sales leads as well. We closed one deal on site and came out of the summit with 10 leads."

Donald MacFarland
CastleBay Consulting
William Pentecost "The sessions were timely and of excellent quality. The opportunity to talk with CIOs and others about case studies of projects that they have experiences was very valuable. Insurance technology summits are unheard of, so it was nice to gain insights on the insurance field."

William Pentecost
SVP & CIO, First Acceptance Insurance
James Carlucci "I left the summit with new business relationships both with senior IT execs from other organizations and some potential opportunities from the vendor discussions!"

James Carlucci
VP & PMO, Erie Indemnity Company
Karen Yamamoto "Other industry events just do not compare in terms of networking depth. Seldom would you have the opportunity to meet all executives in one place. As far as expos and trade shows, this beats them hands down."

Karen Yamamoto
EVP, Decision Research Corporation
Art Yeames "Excellent format. You guys did a great job! I found this format to be a much more effective way to identify good, solid leads. We have several opportunities for a follow-up discussion."

Art Yeames
Mike Saliter "Very good summit! Great staff, strong content, good contacts. In terms of sales productivity the 1:1 and networking opps were great."

Mike Saliter
IBM Cognos
Gary Benzel "Much better than other forums (Gartner, Forrester, etc.) Face to face time with the CIOs is great! We also gained insight into what each CIO's issues and projects are."

Gary Benzel
Senior Account Executive, ITO Business Development, CompuCom
Director, US Service Provider "The CTO Telecom Summit far exceeded other conferences and far exceeded my expectations. The driving force behind my attendance was to meet face-to-face with CIOs and ultimately I was impressed with the event's attendee list."

Director, US Service Provider
Ruben Marquez "First of all CONGRATULATIONS the event was excellent, highly productive and interesting. Thanks to all of your team."

Ruben Marquez
Head of Technology Strategy & Architecture, Alestra (AT&T Mexico)
Founder & Senior Analyst "...there were 120 very senior IT executives there - legitimate CIOs and VP/IT types - all from financial services; so they all had huge budgets, huge staffs, and huge problems. (Side note: It's worth paying whatever the fee to get into this event)"

Founder & Senior Analyst
Director of Global Marketing "Thanks for a great conference. It was a pleasure meeting you and the CDM crew. I look forward to working with you and your team for future summits. Thanks for setting the additional meetings, it's exceeded our expectations."

Director of Global Marketing
BackOffice Associates
SVP Data Security "I would like to say that the CIO summit has been great. We have plans to follow up with three vendors following our return home. Each vendor did a good job with aligning their service with WeBanco IT endeavors for this year and next. Thanks again."

SVP Data Security
EVP, Head of Risk Systems & Infrastructure "Thanks again for hosting the event and including me. I enjoyed it and got quite a bit of value talking with my colleagues and suppliers."

EVP, Head of Risk Systems & Infrastructure
HSBC North America
SVP & CIO "The topics were good, the speakers were great, and the networking was excellent. A valuable takeaway was making new contacts within the CIO community."

Bangor Savings Bank
COO & CIO "The event was well organized and relevant. Length and the number of vendor meetings was very tolerable and I think the organization of the event allowed for more dialogue and focus."

Hancock Bank
VP Technology Infrastructure - WHG Compliance "I met all business partners that are providing some form of services to Citi. It was a great opportunity to know the new pipeline products that can help us in devising strategy."

VP Technology Infrastructure - WHG Compliance
VP Product Marketing "Thanks again for a great event, and for all of your help and support. Your team did an outstanding job and I am looking forward to sponsoring more CDM Media events next year. Great investment."

VP Product Marketing
Senior Manager, Demand Generation "Our attendees said it was a very worthwhile and productive event for us. As with the last summit, they both commented on how well run everything was, how nice the resort was, etc. We will be following up immediately with delegates. THANKS."

Senior Manager, Demand Generation
Carolyn James "I am interested in attending the Summit in 2009. I found a lot of value in the last summit and am now working with two vendors- Clickfox and VMWare."

Carolyn James
SVP & CIO, USA Federal Credit Union
Dan Vrebalovich "Great event, thanks for all the hard work, we believe it will yield some great results for us."

Dan Vrebalovich
SVP Technology "Thanks - and thanks for a great experience - everything was run to perfection - kudos to your entire team for a great event. "

SVP Technology
Bank of America
Doron Grinstein "I had a good time at the event. You and your crew did a fantastic job. I hope to be your client for a long time to come at many similar events."

Doron Grinstein
SVP Enterprise Architecture "You run a great event. I get invited all the time to these types of events and you and the team make all the difference."

SVP Enterprise Architecture
Bank of America

"The opportunity to sit down with leaders in healthcare has been fantastic. It gives an opportunity for us to better understand what their requirements are and for them to better understand what solutions we can provide for them. I cover all of North America and am responsible for building our healthcare business or Alcatel Lucent - and in two days I basically did what it would take me normally 4-6 months to achieve. It's is pretty much a simple equation for me."

Director Business development, Alcatel-Lucent

"The one-on-one meetings have been really good. I think it's a great opportunity any time we can get close to customers and find out precisely what they're doing and how we can play in that space more effectively. The environment has been more intimate allowing far more opportunity to contact the people we really want to talk to and to be able to move that message and understand their side of the equation as well."

SVP & GM, Vignette

(In regards to the quality of meetings) "15 out of 16 were good. I liked the conference."

Sr. Director North American Enterprise Sales, Trend Micro

"It's good to be in an environment where you can sit down, have a lot more a business discussions, and learn more about the problems being faced beyond your normal budget and technology questions. This environment has been more focused on real business discussions and having dialogue in a very open and relaxing environment."

VP, Juniper Networks

"Attending the CIO Healthcare Summit was certainly worth the time and effort. Since the event was focused on just one industry, the message that could be delivered by Sybase was much crisper and targeted to the right audience. Expectations were met and then some!"

VP Channel Sales North America, Sybase

"You and your team put on a first class event this week. The interaction was structured, without being forced; the venue was very nice; the logistics were well-planned! I was very pleased with our opportunities to interact with the CIOs, and in conversations with many, we agreed that the experience was positive for both delegates and solution providers. Thanks for a great meeting!"

Senior Director of North American Sales, Vital Images, Inc

"I was very impressed with the fact that CDM took personal responsibility for making sure that the sponsors and delegates got to spend quality time together. I found the 1x1 business meetings to be very useful. Expectations were exceeded."

Adrienne Boydston, Enterprise Account Executive, Parallels

"I found the content excellent, the contacts have been great, and I feel like at a strategic level we've really accomplished a lot. It's a lot more intimate, and I've found that the productivity has been great. I'm confident that we've established some great relationships at a very high level and expect to return in the future."

Senior Sales Director, Citrix

"The fact we've got a great group of CIOs and IT senior executives that have gotten engaged in all the panel discussions and listened to the speakers has been great at reinvigorated the thinking about where healthcare is going. The format is one of where you're bringing peer groups together and discussing things honestly and openly even when they're in competition with one another."

Jack Santos, Burton Group

"Thanks to you and your entire team for providing us an outstanding experience at this event. We're looking forward to seeing you again soon."

VP Healthcare Services Division, BancTec